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Laxmikanth through mcqs part upsc cse prelims 2020 special lets crack upsc cse hindi 100 watching live now. An artificial watercourse or extensively modifiednatural channel used for inland water transport andorthe control and diversion of water for drainage orirrigation. Ppt canal regulator powerpoint presentation free to download. Ppt sources of irrigation powerpoint presentation, free. Irrigation systems should be a relevant agent to give solutions to the increasing demand of food, and to the development, sustainability and productivity of the agricultural sector. Canal linings are provided in canals to resist the flow of water through its bed and.

It has several important functions, which may vary according to the irrigant used. Irrigation canal carries water to the agricultural field. Depending upon the availability surface water groundwater rainfall conditions rivers tanks practised in india. Download that books into available format 2019 update. A canal is said to be permanent when its source of supply is sufficiently well assured so as to warrant the construction of a regular grade channel supplied for regulation and distribution. An artificial channel filled with water anddesigned for navigation, or for irrigating land,etc. Find powerpoint presentations and slides using the power of, find free presentations research about canal irrigation presentation ppt.

A canal plays a vital role when it comes to transportation and global commerce. Upgrading existing canal system operations need to be done in stages as a rehabilitation program. An irrigation workshop for foothill wine grape growers meeting. Design of irrigation canals free download engineering. Definition canal usually draw their supplies from rivers. Canal linings types and advantages the constructor. Canal irrigation is the most important form of irrigation in india. Canal irrigation and classification of canals youtube. These canals are provided with permanent masonry head works, regulator and distribution works and are constructed with engg. Free download complete engineering seminar canal irrigation seminar ppt. This presentation discusses about the different types of canals and and also different components of canals. The entire water conveyance system for irrigation, comprising of the main canal, branch canals, major and minor distributaries, field channels and water courses. The lining of the irrigation canal is also a protective work as it helps. However, users may print, download, or email articles for.

We use the canal for irrigation, land drainage, urban water supply, hydroelectric. Powerpoint presentation at the irrigating field crops in a watershort year meeting. Pranamesh chakraborty introduction a canal is defined as an artificial channel constructed on the ground to carry water from a river or another canal or a reservoir to the fields. Diversifying ricebased farming systems in the southern philippines irrigation sector project with the system of rice intensification paper for presentation in the world rice research conference, tokyotsukuba, japan, 47 november 2004 canal lining reduces maintenance cost as well as speeds up irrigation water flow velocity that will prevent the snails from hanging around. View and download powerpoint presentations on canal irrigation presentation ppt. Canals canals artificial man made channels, generally regular in shape, which are constructed to convey water to the farm fields from a. Canals are waterways channels, or artificial waterways, for water conveyance, or to service water transport vehicles.

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