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As a result, many people might never recognize saturday night fever as perhaps one of the best movies ever made about class struggles among white ethnics. It remains the bestselling soundtrack of all time with over 54 million units sold double disc album. Released by rhino records in 2007 containing music from saturday night fever 1977. May 02, 2017 1977s saturday night fever, the lowbudget ethnography about italian guys in some of brooklyns sketchier neighborhoods, wasnt just a movie about disco. Saturday night fever 1977 john badham, randal kleiser. In 1977, saturday night fever became a cultural touchstone like few movies before or since, and this may fans can catch the fever again when the influential classic returns to. Platinum for shipments of at least 16 million units. Tony manero john travolta doesnt have much going for him during the weekdays. Saturday night fever is a far more professional film than one might expect, it has intelligence as well as entertainment, which is something that makes a more than just admirable achievement directed on location with gritty realism by john badham. Saturday night fever is one of those movies that comes along and seems to change the cultural temperature in a flash. Without a doubt, travoltas performance made him a hollywood legend, but saturday night fever is more than just a movie.

I hope all of the straight people in that nightclub knew they were watching a fey gay man strut his stuff around the dancefloor. It stars john travolta as tony manero, a workingclass young man who. There are currently two videos available for the film, of which one and only one is a trailer, as listed below. Video archive for the film saturday night fever, which has a domestic theatrical release in the year of 1977. Saturday night fever is the soundtrack album from the 1977 film saturday night fever starring john travolta. Its also a great coming of age film with travolta excellent dancing in ridiculous clothing. He still lives at home and works as a paint store clerk in his brooklyn, n. Album precious moments bonus track version writers. John travolta and karen lynn gorney in saturday night fever 1977.

Mar 15, 2017 le film saturday night fever 1977 vostfr admin 20170315t21. If you haven\t seen saturday night fever, then you\ve probably seen it spoofed or parodied. Le film saturday night fever 1977 vostfr admin 20170429t23. Its about a bunch of brooklyn kids who arent exactly delinquents but are fearsomely tough and cynical and raise a lot of hell on saturday nights.

It ranks with the video as an impressive upgrade a 1977 film really should not sound as slick as this. Saturday night fever was considered in 1977 for liberal or funky people an icon movie such as rebel without a cause was. But he lives for the weekends, when he and his friends go to the local disco and dance the night away. These are movies that represent what i yearned for at one time in my life, and to. The alluring darkness beneath saturday night fevers disco. Saturday night fever still walks the walk the boston globe. The film significantly helped to popularize disco music around the world and made travolta, already well known from his role on tvs welcome back, kotter, a household name. Boasting a smart, poignant story, a classic soundtrack, and a starmaking performance from john travolta, saturday night fever ranks among the finest dramas of the 1970s. When the bee gees added a song to the soundtrack called night fever, the word fever was added to the film title. Paramount has remixed saturday night fever in dolby truehd 5. Apr 29, 2017 le film saturday night fever 1977 vostfr admin 20170429t23. Polyester, high hair, and disco reign supreme, along with a fair amount of general malaise and ambivalence. Overall, i felt the transfer seemed very good, as most of my concerns related to the original photographic elements. Jul 10, 2007 saturday night fever soundtrack from 1977, composed by various artists, walter murphy, david shire.

After the movies release in 1977, disco ruled the dance floors, and a blowdried member of a tvsitcom ensemble became the hottest star in the country. Watch saturday night fever online stream full movie. Saturday night fever celebrates 40th anniversary with. Feb 25, 2017 saturday night fever disco inferno the trammps john travolta dancing hd 1080 with lyrics.

Saturday night fever 1977 film complet en francais, saturday night fever 1977 fulllength hdmovie in hindi, saturday night fever 1977 fulllength hdmovie fight scene, saturday night fever 1977. The men seemed to pay as much attention to him as the ladies. In 1976, producer robert stigwood placed a milliondollar bet on a young tv star, signing john travolta to a threemovie. The 1978 movie which so defined the disco decade, is still considered the standard of 1970s contemporary anthropology. Saturday night fever s huge success grew meteorically thanks to the towering popularity of its soundtrack. Oct 18, 2017 r23, i commented on some saturday night fever video or clip a long time ago, and the fraus attacked me for implying jt was gay. Rent saturday night fever 1977 starring john travolta and karen lynn gorney on dvd and bluray. Home comedy drama music telecharger saturday night fever 1977 gratuitement en francais thursday, june 28, 2018 telecharger saturday night fever 1977 gratuitement en francais. Saturday night fever 1977 journeys in classic film. We all have movies like that, titles that transcend ordinary categories of good and bad, and penetrate straight to our hearts. Saturday night fever influenced many of the dancesoundtrack musicals of the 1980s such as flashdance 1983, footloose 1984 and dirty dancing 1987. Saturday night fever, 1977 the white suit worn by actor john travolta as he portrayed tony manero in the classic film.

When a big dance competition is announced, he wrangles the beautiful and talented stephanie karen lynn gorney to be. After being shortened from tribal rites of the new saturday night the title of the new york magazine article that inspired it, the working title of the film was saturday night. Just as every film with a disco scene since 1977 refers in some way to saturday night fever, the film itself is saturated in movie references. Le film saturday night fever 1977 vostfr film complet. Saturday night fever was a huge commercial success. A paintstore clerk dons a white suit and becomes king of the dance floor at his local disco. The alluring darkness beneath saturday night fevers disco floor. Saturday night fever appears in an aspect ratio of approximately 1. While the movie is more apt to be recalled for its impact on american pop culture, few who watch the movie will ever see beyond the admittedly fantastic dance sequences. The biggest beneficiary of the remaster is the music. Travolta earned an oscar nomination as a dynamic dance king in brooklyn, whose persona and charm makes him the most. Nineteenyearold brooklyn native tony manero lives for saturday nights at the local disco, where hes king of the club, thanks to his stylish moves on the dance floor. Rent saturday night fever 1977 on dvd and bluray netflix. I suspect that saturday night fever was commercially successful only.

Watch saturday night fever online stream full movie directv. Dion and the belmonts saturday night fever is an especially hardedged case and a very good movie. Saturday night fever soundtrack from 1977, composed by various artists, walter murphy, david shire. Saturday night fever is a 1977 american drama film directed by john badham and starring john travolta as tony manero, a workingclass young man who spends his weekends dancing and drinking at a.

The opening credits of the movie is awsome to hear by the song staying alive by the bee gees,and also the entire movie soundtrack is brilliant to hear as well. For better or worse saturday night fever best defines the groovy music and fashion era of the 70s. The shoes, the swagger, the bee gees soundtrack all part of the unforgettable opening scene of saturday night fever, which captured the 1970s discoera like no other film, premiering 40. Saturday night fever ushered in a new kind of musical in which the characters still danced, but the film s soundtrack became just as important as the film itself. Saturday night fever er en amerikansk dramafilm fra 1977 regissert av john badham. Filmen er lagt til new york og skildrer discoperioden som hadde sin. Rent saturday night fever 1977 on dvd and bluray dvd. But it\s a very well done film that has some great acting by travolta, excellent music and choreography if you can get over the fact that it\s all disco, and is a modern classic worth checking out on dvd. Saturday night fever was gene siskels favorite movie, and he watched it at least 17 times. If i needed to explain to someone what the 1970s looked like, i would recommend they watch this. Perfect streaming film complet en francais youtube.

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