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Some basic cryptographic requirements for chaosbased cryptosystems. A novel image encryption scheme based on spatial chaos map. His research interests are information security, software engineering, computational theory, and chaosbased cryptography. The chaos based cryptography is discussed from a point of view which we believe is closer to the spirit of both cryptography and chaos theory than the way the subject has been treated recently by. Ijca survey of chaos based image encryption and decryption. Some basic cryptographic requirements for chaosbased. However, security analyses of the proposed algorithms in several designs were shown by using experimental results and statistical tests. Image encryption algorithm based on chaotic economic model. In this paper, we analyze a recent proposal in this field. By now, the history of chaosbased cryptography is more than two decades long. In the last two decades, chaos based cryptology studies have been a hot research topic.

A cryptographic system is a program or collection of programs which has. An algorithm to achieve cryptography hashing is the chaos based cryptographic hash function which indexes all items in hash tables and searches for near items via hash table lookup. The software available in marsaglia, 1995 provides a total of 218 pvalues for 15 tests. Besides the main frequency of the cpu, the encryption speed of a software. In this paper, chaosbased cryptography is discussed from a point of view which the author believes is. Review of the book chaosbased cryptography edited by. Recently, a few researches on the usage of these systems in cryptographic algorithms have been conducted. Cryptanalysis of chaosbased cryptosystem from the hardware perspective.

Because there are problems with chaos based cryptography schemes. Image encryption based on the jacobian elliptic maps. A new spatiotemporally chaotic cryptosystem and its security. Muhamad asif khan is currently working as an assistant professor in the computer engineering department of the university of engineering and technology, taxila, pakistan. It chaos properties, such as randomness and ergodicity, have been proved to be suitable for designing the means for data protection. We argue that if a chaotic map f is used in cryptography, then it should be implemented as a bijection f m. Using the wellknown principles in the cryptanalysis we show that these ciphers do not behave worse than the standard ones, opening in this way a novel approach to the design of block encryption ciphers.

In this paper, chaosbased cryptography is discussed from a point of view which the author believes. In literature, chaotic economic systems have got much attention because of their complex dynamic behaviors such as bifurcation and chaos. Other sources of entropy would still be needed, but even if one of those is compromised by a malicious party or through incompetence, using ca and its statistical randomness would at least partially, if not completely, mitigate the damage from that compromise. Cryptanalysis of chaosbased cryptosystem from the hardware. This paper is devoted to the analysis of the impact of chaosbased techniques on block encryption ciphers.

This book on chaosbased cryptography includes contributions by experts from all over the world. Free from the electricdevice bandwidth, it can generate 10gbits random numbers in our simulation. The unpredictable nature of a deterministic system would seem to lend itself well to be a basis of a cryptosystem. Ieee transactions on circuits and systems i 48, 163169.

An efficient chaosbased optimization algorithm approach for cryptography international journal of communication network security issn. Current chaotic encryption systems in the literature do not fulfill security and performance demands for realtime multimedia communications. Collision resistant hash function in chaos cryptography. In addition, we show that the cryptosystem under evaluation possesses serious security problems that imply a clear reduction of the key space. Hence, if an eavesdropper is connected to the communication channel after this moment, she will not obtain enough information to break the system. Chaos based cryptography is still in its infancy and may not.

In any case, chaotic cryptography continues to be an active research. Cryptanalysis of a classical chaos based cryptosystem with some quantum cryptography features 3 and x b. As a result of investigating the above relationship, a rich variety of chaosbased cryptosystems for end. A onewaycoupled chaotic map lattice is proposed for cryptography of selfsynchronizing stream cipher. Fundamental theory and applications, ieee transactions on, 482, 163169 schmitz, r. Over the past decade, there has been tremendous interest in studying the behavior of chaotic systems. Each system keeps computing a numerically generated trajectory without any kind of. Chaosbased ciphers have shown some exceptionally good. Ljupco kocarev is the author of chaosbased cryptography 5. An additional chaotic map and a chaotic address index assignment process are added to implement level iii chaosbased eeg encryption system. One of these research topics has been chaos based substitution boxes design studies.

Several examples, including chaotic block cypher and chaotic publickey encryption. They are characterized by sensitive dependence on initial conditions, similarity to random behavior, and continuous broadband power spectrum. From 2004 to 2015, he has been working as a professional software developer in asie. The book gives a thorough description of chaos based.

Chaos based image encryption scheme is one of the encryption algorithms that have suggested a new and efficient way to deal with fast and highly secure image encryption10. Jan 08, 2012 it may actually prove very useful as a source of entropy in a secure random number generator that is then used for other purposes. His research and work interests include software development, database applications, network programming, web developing and cryptography. The system performs basic floatingpoint analytical computation on real numbers, incorporating auxiliarily with few simple algebraic operations on integer numbers. To begin with, it appeared outside conventional cryptography, first as an application of chaos theory 56, and a short time later, also as an application of chaos synchronization 58, a property of coupled chaotic oscillators studied in the framework of communication techniques. However, the traditional techniques of compression and encryption are neither competent nor efficient. The encryption speed is the lowest, and encryption is. The public key cryptosystems based on chebyshev polynomials enjoy some nice chaotic properties, which makes them suitable for use in both encryption and digital signature. A pseudo random bit generator based on chaotic logistic map. Mar 01, 2007 the chaos based cryptographic algorithms have suggested some new and efficient ways to develop secure image encryption techniques. Theory, algorithms and applications studies in computational intelligence ljupco kocarev, shiguo lian on.

Cryptanalysis of a classical chaosbased cryptosystem with. In this chapter we give an overview and the state of the art in the field of chaos based cryptography. Parallel encryption decryption operations of multiple chaotic sites are conducted. Computers and office automation bit manipulation methods bit manipulation computer programming cryptography models numbers, random research random numbers. Towards this direction, this paper presents an efficient chaosbased feedback stream cipher ecbfsc for image cryptosystems. An implementation of the proposed algorithm on a plain. Abstractin this brief article, chaos based cryptography is discussed from a point of view which i believe is closer to the spirit of both cryptography and chaos theory than the way the subject has been treated recently by many re searchers. As the wireless network has limited bandwidth and insecure shared media, the data compression and encryption are very useful for the broadcasting transportation of big data in iot internet of things. There are many papers about chaos based hash functions but as far as i know none of them is used in commercial applications. Full text of cryptanalysis of a one round chaosbased. Parallel algorithm for wireless data compression and encryption. To satisfy these demands, we propose a generalized symmetric cryptosystem based on n independently iterated chaotic maps nmap array periodically perturbed with a threelevel perturbation scheme and a double feedback global and local to increase the.

We pinpoint the main limitations of the software implementation of chaosbased systems designed on the grounds of synchronization theory. Dhodapkar reactor control division introduction cryptography is the science of protectiinformation during ng the privacy of communication under hostile conditions. Ieee transactions on circuits and systems i 48, 163. The book has eleven chapters that focus on key concepts, problems that have to be overcome, and emergent technologies. New chaosbased image encryption scheme for rgb components of. Cryptanalysis of a new image encryption algorithm based on chaos. Chaos has potential applications in several functional blocks of a digital. In this paper, a new image encryption algorithm based on a chaotic economic map is proposed.

Block ciphers based on chaotic round function or sboxes kocarev et al. Highperformance multimedia encryption system based on chaos. Chaos theory and cryptography cryptography ii term paper. The story of chaosbased or chaotic cryptography is remarkable, for several reasons.

Ljupco kocarev author of intelligent computing based on. Cryptography stack exchange is a question and answer site for software developers, mathematicians and others interested in cryptography. An efficient chaosbased feedback stream cipher ecbfsc for. In this paper, chaosbased cryptography is discussed from a point of view. The highspeed bit sequences can pass standard statistical tests for randomness after alloptical exclusiveor. In this study, chaotic systems have been used as randomness sources in designing substitution boxes. Chaosbased cryptography av ljupco kocarev, shiguo lian bok. Chaos theory becomes popular cryptography becomes more important 30 publications in 1990s various ciphers suggested focus on analog circuits. Chaotic cryptology includes two integral opposite parts. Symmetric encryption algorithms using chaotic and nonchaotic. The hash table is a data structure that is composed of buckets, each of which is indexed by a hash code. Encrypting images, using chaos based image encryption scheme, considers the image as 2dimensional array of pixels5. This paper will examine the theory behind chaotic cryptosystems, some implemented cryptosystems, and the factors preventing chaos based cryptography from becoming common practice. A pseudo random bit generator based on chaotic logistic map and its statistical testing.

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